Work Activity, Training & Day Care

The Work of Midstream

Midstream offers ‘hands on’ work activity and quality assured training, in a caring, supportive environment, for young persons and adults who have special needs. The charity, a leading Social Enterprise, creates trading and business links at the same time as providing specialist Health & Social Care to enable individuals to take part in a ‘real life’ working environment.


Midstream offers alternative day care & support for those disadvantaged through learning difficulties, physical disabilities or other complex needs, allowing them to make their contribution in the world of work and access appropriate training to achieve nationally recognised work based qualifications.

The company was founded and awarded charity status in 1995 by a special needs teacher who was also a parent carer. Michael aged 31 with Downs Syndrome, came home from a traditional day care centre one day saying “Mum, why can I not go to work like my brother Andrew?”

Following intensive market research, it became clear that many young people and adults with special needs, through no fault of their own, stand in danger of being excluded from the labour market, training and society at large. Employment opportunities are limited. Quite often traditional establishments of Further Education do not meet their aspirations or they are inappropriate for their complex needs.

From a six and a half acre site with state of the art, purpose built accommodation in Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, Midstream offers an alternative. Through training and work activity it provides opportunities appropriate to the individual needs and skills of the people involved. Midstream allows people to progress at their own pace and over a period of time, some progress into employment.

People with very significant disabilities are offered more long term work activity or training which enables them to develop to their maximum potential and make an equal contribution to the world of work at Midstream, Whilst enjoying the benefits of increased self confidence and self esteem that this brings.

Attendance patterns can be tailored around other commitments e.g college or social activities. Individuals may choose from one day up to five days per week to suit their own particular requirements. Transport can be arranged subject to availability.

The whole focus of Midstream is to give these young people and adults the opportunity for progression and social interaction in their working life. We help them to acquire skills, experience and accreditations towards nationally recognised qualifications according to their individual needs. The emphasis is on making a contribution in a ‘real live’ working environment to enhance the quality of lives for all that take part.

Quality Assured

A team of professionals support individuals throughout. Qualified teachers & work place assessors progress individuals to achieve a range of nationally recognised qualifications, from basic entry level through to NVQ2.  Health & Social Care needs are met by care staff who hold a mix of qualifications from NVQ qualified care assistants through to Registered Nurses, giving just the right level of support where needed, to make sure individuals can enjoy taking part in ‘real live’ work activities.

Alternative Curriculum Activities – working with special and mainstream schools

Programmes of activities are individually tailored for pupils (pre and post 16 years) to work alongside Midstream clients under the expert supervision of Midstream instructors. Ask to speak with Midstream’s School Liaison Officer for further details.

All Midstream staff hold satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure Reports from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).