Community Links

An important element of Midstream’s philosophy is to build links between all the groups that make up a community.

As a Health & Social Care provider we offer an alternative day care service working with Social Service Directorates, people with learning difficulties, their families and carers.

As a Centre Approved to deliver quality assured vocational training we work closely with Awarding Bodies e.g. City & Guilds & NOCN, Employers, Schools and Colleges.

As a trading organisation we supply goods and services where there are market needs. We work with businesses of all sizes as suppliers or to arrange work placements.

As an organisation that progresses people with disabilities towards employment we have access to Employment Service Job Centre Plus initiatives.

As a member of the British Institute of Learning Difficulties (BILD) and other organisations working for disabled people we network with a wide range of Voluntary & Community organisations.

We believe that Public Sector, private sector, voluntary organisations and members of the public all have a part to play in improving the quality of life for individuals with special needs. The more we can work together the more likely it is that barriers to employment can be broken down.

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